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Happy neighbor

Dear Bucknell Community, I wanted to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for the responsible, respectful and community-minded values 1 have witnessed from the Bucknell students who have returned to campus this fall. Last spring, I very publicly (via social media) called out the attendees of an off-campus party shortly after the state of Pennsylvania was shut down in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Five months later, I have mixed feelings about my decision to publicly take these students to task for their decision to violate CDC guidelines and gather to party amidst an evolving health crisis. Some days my reaction to these off-campus parties feels heavy-handed and other days it feels appropriate. It was a very strange time. These times are still strange.

If I'm going to be public with my condemnation, I should be public with my praise. What I have witnessed from the returning Bucknell students is so heartening.

I’ve seen students in the grocery stores, downtown and in our local businesses and I am blown away by the poise and maturity of the Bucknell students.

As a 13-year resident of Lewisburg who has no association with Bucknell University whatsoever besides being a neighbor, I sincerely thank you for rising to meet the moment, especially in light of how negatively impacted your college experience has been and will undoubtedly continue to be. I’m glad to have you as my neighbor!

Elizabeth Burke,


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